Nature Can Teach us so Much

Nature can teach us so much. As you guys have known, I’ve watched these baby birds on my front porch. Nest building, eggs and hatchlings. Only 2 of the 4 eggs hatched. I checked on the babies daily and loved watching them grow! Two days ago, when Emily was here, she witnessed the first fledgling take flight for the first time! Mom and dad swooped in and followed him to make sure he was okay. For two days now, there has been only one fledging left. I didn’t see mom and dad around, and he just sat alone in the nest. I watered the fern to keep him cool and hydrated, sprinkled bird seed in the nest and watched carefully to see if mom and dad returned. No sign of them. I woke up at 2am worried about my little bird. I researched “orphaned bird” “wildlife rescue” and was prepared to call the experts to come in and rescue him.

Perplexed with what to do to help this little bird, I sat below him in my rocking chair drinking coffee, wondering what the problem was that he wouldn’t fledge….

Then it dawned on me!!! The nest was facing the porch. All the little bird could see was a house. He couldn’t see the trees, the other birds flying…..the rest of the world. So I got my stool, turned the fern basket around so he could see the world… AND HE FLEW!!!!

Mom and dad rushed down from the tree to escort him to safety!! They were watching the whole time, but knew the little bird had to make that leap on his own!! As I burst into tears…of joy and a little sorrow… (I will miss seeing him every day) I just realized it’s the same for human parents and their children. Sometimes you just need to turn the basket around, (show them the world) and they will FLY with confidence, pride, purpose and adventure! (But also know that mom and dad are close by watching you with love)


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