Unicorn Rainbow Dip

School is coming to an end, and summer vacation is here! What better way to celebrate than with a Unicorn Rainbow Dip! I always like to celebrate the beginning of summer with my children and grandchildren! A pool party, beach party or set up the sprinkler in the yard! it’s time to celebrate warm weather, and sunny, funny days!!
Let’s get started!

You will need:

*1 block of cream cheese

*1 jar of marshmallow fluff

*1/4 tsp. salt

*1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

*food coloring

*Bugels, graham crackers or fruit

*small mixing bowls


Place room temperature cream cheese in a medium mixing bowl along with a jar of marshmallow fluff, and salt.

Mix well.

Add vanilla extract.

Equally distribute fluff into small mixing bowls (cereal bowls are perfect size)

Next add a couple drops of food color at a time until you are satisfied with the results.

Place each color in a serving bowl, and swirl colors together.

You can add rainbow sprinkles, stars or small candies as garnish.

Serve with fruit, graham crackers or Bugles! Enjoy!

Happy Summer, Everyone!

“Making Grandparenting Glorious!”

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