You Reap, What You Sow

These words ring true in every aspect of life. Where your attention goes, energy flows….and love grows. Sometimes our day to day life tends to guide us, instead of us making an intentional effort towards our true purpose. I understand there are the necessary measures to keep our lives in motion. Jobs, bills, errands, housework, and all of those things to maintain life at a comfortable level. These things seem to consume most of our time. It often feels like we don’t have any “extra” time to do the things we want to do, verses the things we have to do.

If you really evaluate your time, you have more than you realize. I sometimes spend way too much time on social media, or sitting in traffic on my way to the store for something I could have ordered on Amazon. We all have our little “time-wasters”.

When my grandchildren are visiting, I really try to make sure my time is budgeted, and I spend quality time with them. I believe it’s important to share your love and interests with these wonderful little people, and to also be open to explore their interests, as well.

I absolutely love sharing my love of gardening, yoga and reading, whereas they love to teach me about video games, catching fireflies, crafting, and we go on hikes together! It’s important to share these things together. It teaches you so much about that person and creates a lasting bond.

Taking time for yourself and the ones you love, is important. If you really account for your time, it’s amazing what you can accomplish. If you love writing, sports, painting, playing music, making kites, sewing, whittling, maths or building things…whatever your interests are, you and your grandchildren will benefit from spending this time together.

“Making Grandparenting Glorious!”

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