Slow down and find your peace

Ahhhh!……Every morning, as I’m walking around my garden, I can feel those subtle changes in the air…Fall is right around the corner! Crisp leaves, cooler evenings, bon fires, flannel and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! I’m so ready!

I’ve already been busy planting my fall garden, and decorating for the season. I know I’m a bit early as far as the calendar is concerned, but I go with my gut feeling, I go with what brings me Joy!

This has been a bit of a crazy year for everyone! I’m sure many of you have found your garden to be a bit of an oasis from the media, fear and politics. I know I have! When visits with family have been limited or not at all, my garden has been a reminder to be grateful. Slow down. Enjoy the little things. Be patient.

Each day I try to spend a little time puttering about my garden. Talking to my plants, playing soothing music, and basking in the sunshine. It’s good for the soul.

I feel like planting a garden is its own kind of optimism. You are sowing seeds, in hopes of a better future. You are watering, weeding, feeding and caring for something that you will enjoy many weeks from now. In the world of instant gratification, this is a practice of patience in itself.

I’m sure many of you have found your own way to cope with this year. Finding your peace is essential right now. Whether it’s gardening, writing, yoga, painting, exercise, or just breathing….you’re doing great!
It is so important to care for our mental and physical health during this time.

As Grandparents it can be difficult maybe not seeing our grandchildren as often as we would like this year. We have all had to resort to some social distancing, virtual visits and phone calls. With hope for a better future, we are sowing the seeds and nurturing relationships today.

As the changing seasons often show us, change is good and necessary.
Spring is a time of new beginnings, Summer is a time to thrive, Fall shows us how beautiful it can be to let go of things that no longer serve us, and Winter is a time for rest and thoughtful planning.

Embrace each season.

“Making Grandparenting Glorious!”

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