About Angela

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Born and raised in Northeast Texas, I am the youngest of four kids. At 17 years old, I basically went from farm life to Frisco (San Francisco, that is!) I’ve lived in 10 different states all over the US. I became a mother, for the first time, at the young age of 18. I’m the mother of 3 amazing children, ages 31, 27 and 20. I’m the Nana of 2 incredible grandchildren, Jack 11 yrs. and Molly 8 yrs.

I’ve been married, divorced, single and remarried, a few times (no judgement) . I’ve lived many lives, done many things and have finally found myself, at almost 50 yrs old. I have embraced my love of writing and sharing my stories with the world. I am happily married to the most amazing man, that completely understands and loves me. He compliments are family perfectly and is a fantastic Grandpa. I am peaceful, grounded and have an innate sense of wonder.

I am a published author of children’s books and an avid blogger on all things “grandparenting”. I also enjoy cooking, gardening, traveling, playing the flute, yoga and spoiling my two cats.

Being a mother is one of the most incredible journeys and blessings, I’ve ever had, now being the grandmother of two amazing, little human beings, makes me want to be the most glorious grandparent ever!